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Empowered 2


Maintaining The Pillars Of Patriotism

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st century where the currents of change often erode the bedrock of our societal values, the call for patriotic activism rings out with renewed urgency.

"Empowered 2 ACT: Maintaining The Pillars of Patriotism," is not merely a response to this call—it is a clarion call of its own, a manifesto for those who stand on the front lines in defense of liberty, tradition, and the enduring principles that constitute the foundation of our society.

This book is crafted for grassroots activists who aspire to effect meaningful change, those who seek to navigate the complexities of modern activism while remaining steadfast to the patriotic ethos that is the foundation of America.

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What You'll Learn

How To Build A Powerful Community Of Patriots

How To Use

Moral Pressure

Tactical Innovation + Adaptation

How To Secure

The Future

About the Authors

Husband and wife team, RC Williams and Julianna Ormond, met in 2014, each with a deep passion for servant leadership. This led them to help over 200 small businesses grow through weekly entrepreneurship meetings and through the insights from their market research technology, ParAible, & their firm, Sherloc


"Our God-given gifts are definitely connecting the proverbial dots," says Ormond. "It's all about people’s three levels of knowing... First is, ‘you know that you know.’ Second is, ‘you know that you don't know but can find the information.’ But then there’s the third, ‘you don't know that you don't know, but really need to know.’ This is why we created Sherloc…. Because we needed to know! So why not share the insights."


"The third one is significant," says Williams. "The 'you don't know that you don't know, but really need to know' is where you’ll find the goldmines and the landmines for potential successes or failures."  

Watchmen Action’s focus is to connect like-minded individuals to one another, and to the tools & resources they need to collectively flip the balance of power back to We, the People.

Watchmen Action grew out of our co-founder's sense of moral obligation, as Watchmen, to share what they were learning thanks to their market research findings

This also led to the launch of their two publications, Ripped From The Headlineswhich breaks down what the news really means, and We Are The Watchmen Weekly, which connects the dots between current events and scripture. 

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